Authentic crab curry

On one fine sunday afternoon, my husband got tempted to eat crabs. yes you  read it write,CRABS ! No where in my dreams I had prepared non vegetarian food. but for sake of my love 😛 I thought to give a try and that was the first time I cooked non veg food after marriage.Post marriage you learn many things on your own and this was the one 🙂

By the way I have to tell you he just loves crabs and there I went with all my culinary skills to cook the spicy crab curry.As enticing it looked in picture, trust me it tasted even better.

Crab Curry Indian Style is a delicious and exotic dish with the flavors of Indian spices and that makes it taste more authentic.You can have this flavored dish with steamed rice or chapatis.

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Recipe type: Coastal food
Cuisine: Indian Cuisine


1 tbsp oil for frying + 1.5 tbsp oil for curry
5 6 Big size Crabs
10 to 15 Garlic Cloves
1 inch Ginger Chopped
3 Sliced Onion
½ cup Desiccated Coconut
3 t/s Fennel Seeds
2 t/s cumin seed
½ cup Coriander Leaves
2 Green Chili
1 cup fresh grated coconut
2 tbsp Red Chili Powder
2 tbsp Garam Masala Powder
1 tbsp Turmeric
1 tbsp Coriander Seed Powder
1 Tomato
2 cups Water
Salt as per taste

Directions :


Firstly dice the crab and wash it properly.
Take a tawa or pan add little oil. Once hot add fennel seed and cumin seed-. When they crackle.
Add 2 sliced onion. Keep one onion aside for Tadka.
Now put Garlic cloves, desiccated coconut, 3 tbsp Coriander Leaves, Ginger and green chilies. Saute until onion all mixture becomes dark brown. Combine this fried mixture in the grinder. This mixture is of fried onion, ginger-garlic, cumin seed, coriander leaves, green chilies and desiccated coconut. Grind until it forms a smooth paste. Add little water if required.
Take little oil. Add now fresh grated coconut to it.
Saute until they are brown.
Grind to form a smooth paste. Add water if required.
Get a vessel add 3 tbsp Oil. Add the remaining chopped onion. Saute for 2 mins on low flame.
Add tomatoes and saute for a minute.
Mix all spices except salt. Stir for sometime.
Let the mixture become brown. Roughly after 5 to 6 mins.
Add the fresh coconut spice paste to the curry. Its time to add crabs to it.
Combine well. Now add the desiccated coconut paste to the gravy.
Check the consistency add water as required. Stir well cover with a lid for 5 mins. Stir again. Once the curry starts bubbling add salt as per taste.
After 3 to 4 mins taste the curry. See if more salt or spice required. Switch off the gas. Your Crab Curry is ready now.


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