Appa recipe

Hello friends! Its been long time I dint share any recipe on my blog.As these days I am enjoying my stay at moms place 😉 and loving the care ,pampering by both of them.My mom prepares delicious south food so I have learnt this recipe from her as simple evening snack which can be be easily made.

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1 cup rice

1/4 cup udad dal (Split black lentils)

1 onion chopped

1 tsp musturd seeds/Rai

1 tsp cumin seeds(Jeera)

2 Green chillies

10-12 curry leaves(Kadi Patta)

1/2cup coriander leaves (dhanya patta)It gives flavor to appe

1 Pinch Heeng(Asfoetida)

2 table spoon oil

Salt as per taste


1) Wash and soak the rice and urad dal in lukewarm water for at least  2 hours.

2)Drain and grind to a smooth paste with 1/2 cup water.

3)Cover and keep aside to ferment.

4)Next day, heat the oil in a small kadai,add chopped onion and stir for 3-5 minutes. Add cumin seeds , rai,green chillies ,curry leaves, coriander leaves and asafoetida.

5) When cumin seeds and rai crackle , add this to the fermented batter.

6)Add salt and a little water if required and mix to form a thick batter.

7) Heat the appe mould on a medium flame and grease it with a little oil.

8)Pour a spoonful of the batter into each mould.

9)Cook till the outer surface becomes golden brown and turn each appe upside down using a spoon or fork so as to cook the other side.

10)Remove and repeat with the remaining batter.

11) Serve hot with coconut chutuny or Kisaan sauce or green chutuny.


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