Khandvi Recipe

Khandvi  otherwise called Patuli or Dahivadi, is an exquisite nibble in Gujarati cuisine.It comprises of yellowish, firmly moved chomp measured pieces, and is  made of gram flour and yogurt.

Khandvi is readily accessible across India, and is regularly eaten as a starter or nibble. Many individuals get it from nearby shops as people are lazy to prepare :P,But my attempt in making this one was successful 😉

In Maharashtra, this dish is also called Suralichi vadi or Patuli.

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Ingredients :

1 cup gram flour
2 cup yogurt
ginger green chilly paste
salt to taste

Garnish and tempering :

Curry leaves
Coriander leaves
Mustard seeds
Hing (Asofeotida)


Procedure :

Take a bowl, add 1 cup gram flour, 2 cups of yogurt.
Add turmeric, salt to taste and ginger green chilly paste to it.
whisk it well .
Add water to make it little liquid form not much but.
Put the mixture in pressure cooker.You can cook it in low flame in gas also till batter becomes thick but i prefered this way.
Wait till 5 whistle in pressure cooker.
Let it cool for some time.
Grease the plate with oil back side.and place the batter in it.
Spread it gently and thinly.Garnish it with coconut and coriander.Once its cool down.
Roll the khandvi slowly and place it it plate.
For tempering, Add oil ,mustard seeds curry leaves and hing to it and later put it on khandvi.

Your khandvi is ready 🙂